Thursday, 29 August 2013

Caitlin Moran

noun. kay-tlinn moor-ann

1. Times columnist and author of the bestselling How To Be a Woman. Has been criticised at times for somewhat careless and un-PC use of language, much of which has been subsequently clarified and/or retracted. Otherwise tends to be pretty inoffensive and often quite funny and insightful.
2. Evil Queen of Feminists, who was appointed into this role by the Kyriarchy Central Committee. Rules over Twitter from a hidden underground bunker from which she sends out her privilege-bots to destroy intersectionality. She is responsible for at least 3 different strains of impetigo. She shot the sheriff. She also shot the deputy. She stuck around in St Petersburg, when she saw it was a time for a change. Killed the Czar and his ministers, Anastasia screamed in vain. She was the mysterious figure on the Grassy Knoll. She shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. She caused the Credit Crunch, climate change, the war in Syria and a number of earthquakes.
3. THAT COWBAG who got a Times column and a bestselling book when I didn't! NO FAIR!

[n.b. Any suggestion that 2 could translate into 3 is clearly a piece of gaslighting by the Kyriarchy]

Baron Ironblood 1
Caitlin Moran preparing to write another problematic Times column

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