Sunday, 1 September 2013


noun. emm-arrr-ay

Mens Rights Activist. A peculiar species of creature, generally found howling obscenities within their natural habitat, usually Reddit or the Family Court. Claims to be oppressed by women, possibly because no woman in their right mind would ever go near them.

Characteristics of the MRA include:

- Masturbating on a more frequent daily basis than the average bonobo chimp.
- Lack of awareness that when Ben Folds sang, "Y'all don't know what it's like, being male, middle-class and white", he was being ironic.

- Angry denunciations of their ex-wives, insisting that their value as a father is not appreciated, while being unable to give a satisfactory answer as to why the court has ordered them to have supervised contact with their kids.
- Long rants about the evil oppression of the legal system while simultaneously firing out vexatious police complaints and lawsuits against anyone who displeases them.
- Dismissing any men who fail to share their view of the world as "manginas".
- Claiming to be "the civil rights movement you've never heard of" while showing their regard for other civil rights movements by peppering their online posts with sexist, racist and homophobic insults.
- Providing an endless supply of unintentional comedy material for the Manboobz blog.

MRAs may possibly become an endangered species, not least because they tend to procreate less often than the average panda.

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