Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Thermonuclear Full Stop

punctuation mark. thurr-moh-nuh-cle-uh-ful-stop

Addition of a single full stop before somebody's @username on Twitter. Has the effect of turning a one-on-one conversation into something broadcast to somebody's entire feed.

The technique was pioneered by an early intersectionalist, who had been walking down the street mulling over how to find a style of communication that would effectively bring intersectionalism to the masses. At this point two kappa-clad individuals suddenly started having a screaming row in the street, one outlining the hypothesis that, Our Karen Heard From That Sophie That You Been Chatting Shit And Acting Like You're All That With Your Attitude And Your New Car.

A prototypical intersectionalist Twitterstorm

Having heard this frank (and rather high-volume) exchange of theoretical ideas, the intersectionalist went home, logged onto Twitter, and added a full stop before the @. And then the proposal was made that, Our Stavvers Heard From That Sazza_Jay That You Been Cisplaining And Being All Problematic With Your Privilege And Your Platform.

And the intersectionalist saw that it was good. Well, good for a bundle anyway.

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